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By participating in the SAPL, players accept the below regulations and FACEIT regulations. We reserve the right to change the content of the regulations!

  • Map Pool
    > The SAPL will always stay up-to-date with the official major map pool.
            - de_train
            - de_inferno
            - de_cache
            - de_nuke
            - de_mirage
            - de_overpass
            - de_dust2

  • Server Location
    > Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Admins
    All admins must be respected.
    > Any verbal abuse or lying towards an admin will result in a ban.
            - Head admins: blackpoisoN, ReaperGP, Kythosyer
            - Admins: cobrazzzzz, lokx_za, dMsteyn, sw4N, C0mplex12325, Token_ZA, p4ntiez,            awpzzzz, LatelyZAR, Aces92

  • Lanners
    > Any players that are lanning must inform all the players immediately in the matchroom chat.

  • Cancellation of Games
    > An admin has the ability to cancel a match within the first 10 rounds of a game due to the player or server technical issues. This does not mean a cancel is guaranteed but is at admin discretion. After 10 rounds, both teams will have to agree to the cancel or else the match will be played out.

    > Players who are suffering from packet loss must try to fix it within the first 5 rounds of the match. An admin must be called and presented with evidence before round 6 begins. If the team chooses to continue playing with the player who is experiencing internet ssues, the game will be played out. The team with the technical issues must have used all their pauses to try fix the ping issue. If you have a ping/latenct below 125, your game will NOT be cancelled.

    > If a player leaves the game within the first 5 rounds, a team may request a cancel of the match. You must contact the admin before round 6 begins. The leaver will receive a 12-hour ban, depending on the reason this player left.

    > All players can dispute their automatic or manual bans by contacting an admin directly or opening a ticket on our Support website.

    > We also have an Admin Request WhatsApp group which is easier for us to help you quicker. Join here: http://chat.whatsapp.com/8jrNff4GvhBDhiMLhibaJ6

    > When requesting an admin to cancel the match, please provide as much information as possible in the match room as soon as you request the admin. Such as;
            - What round did you request an admin?
            - Did you use all your pauses?
            - Why are you requesting an admin?
            - And any other information you feel is useful.

  • Communication
    You are required to communicate in all SAPL divisions. If you have a disability, please at least try your best to inform your teammates about your disability.

    > Remember that this is an individual league, not a casual matchmaking/pug/gather service. Your communication is highly required. If you fail to do so for no reason, this may result in a ban. All communication reports must go through our tickets.

    > Whether you are in Gold, Diamond or Masters Division, Please use a single platform for communication as this would lead to less toxicity and in-game fighting. Which ever communication application has the majority of teammates on, must be used (Discord/TeamSpeak).

    > If you are using TeamSpeak, all players MUST use Push-To-Talk only.

    > Gold Division: Our server configuration is purposely set to have deadtalk enabled so that you can always communicate with your teammates, regardless if you are dead or alive.

    > Diamond Division: Deadtalk is disabled here, therefore dead players can only communicate with dead teammates via team chat and voice chat.

    > Masters Division: Deadtalk is disabled here, therefore dead players can only communicate with dead teammates via team chat and voice chat.

  • Reporting Players
    All player reports must be done via the ticketing system on our Support. If you report a player to an admin via public chat or direct message, we will not look into it.

    > If you wish to report a player for misconduct, you must submit one via our ticketing system. Please be specific at which rounds the events you are reporting occurred (e.g. Team-Kill at round 4) as this will greatly improve our response time when dealing with clear-cut violations.

    > Reports will only be discussed with the reported player if valid evidence is required. The player who submitted the report will remain confidential and information will not be shared.

    > Due to too many false hacking accusation reports. We no longer review demos if someone suspects someone of cheating. If you suspect someone of cheating, please review the demo yourself and supply us with the round information that you think seems suspicious. Open a ticket once you have done this and supply us with the details such as: match room link round, time, and any other useless information/evidence you feel    could be useful for us to investigate.

    > We recommend players use the Plays.tv App, this will give us much more clear evidence when reporting players. If your computer cannot handle using this application and running CS:GO at the same time, please skip this section.

  • Bans
    Masters Division: Players who have a previous CS:GO VAC may only participate if the ban is older than 2 years.

    > Diamond Division: Players who have a previous CS:GO VAC may only participate if the ban is older than 1 years.

    > Gold Division: Players who have a previous CS:GO VAC may only participate if the ban is older than 1 year.

    > If you have a FACEIT Anti-Cheat ban, your ban is permanent from Souzern Lions and FACEIT.

  • Disputing Bans
    > If you believe you were unjustly banned, please open a ticket on our Support websiteproviding full details of the reason why you believe you should be unbanned, with evidence if available.

  • Cheating / Scripts
    > All types of cheats are strictly forbidden if caught cheating you will be permanently banned from Souzern Lions.

    > All forms of scripts are forbidden.

    > This includes but is not limited to:
            - Bunny-Hop Scripts
            - Accuracy Scripts or single-bullet fire scripts.

    > Exceptions to this rule are:
            - Buy bind scripts
            - Jump Throw scripts

  • Overtime
    > Max Rounds: 3

    Start Money: $10,000

  • Server Commands
    > All servers have the official competitive ruleset that are used for majors.

    > You can vote within the in-game escape menu vote selector, to pause, creating a timeout that will last 60 seconds.

            - !switch (After winning the knife round, if you wish to start on the opposite side             (T/CT) use this command. Only the captain may use this command).
            - !stay (After winning the knife round, if you wish for your team to start on the current             side, use this command. Only the captain may use this command).
            - !gg (Used to forfeit a match, learn more HERE.

  • Player Location
    > You must reside in the Southern African region in order to participate in the SAPL. Any player that is found to be playing from outside of the region will be kicked from the league.

    > The following countries are allowed to play in the league: 
    South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Mauritius, Madagascar, Angola, Namibia, Réunion and Uganda.

    > If you live in Africa and have a latency/ping below 125, please contact us, as we consider allowing you to play in the league.

  • Ethics
    > All our Hubs are protected with FACEIT Anti-Cheat, this means you are required to download and run this application when playing on Souzern Lions.

    > Communicating with your fellow teammates is highly required. If you do not have a microphone, then get one.

    > It is important to play as serious as possible. If players are messing around, you may report them for griefing.

    > Any player found griefing, which may include intentional team-killing, team-flashing, intentional throwing of rounds, extended periods of being AFK, or any action that deliberately hinders teammates ability to play the game the way it is intended will also face appropriate action.

    > Any form of Racism/Sexism towards any users within the SAPL will result in at least a 3-day ban, up to a permanent expulsion from the league.

    > All unsportsmanlike behaviours are prohibited, such as: Telling where your teammates are, ghosting and griefing.

    > If you wish to broadcast your game via Twitch, YouTube, etc.. A 90-second delay is required.

    > In the case of a permanent ban, only the head admin or admin who has imposed the ban can remove it.

    > All player reports must be sent via our support ticketing system. Please remember to fill the form out as accurate as possible.

    > We greatly appreciate feedback as we can use this information for further improvements on the SAPL. Please open a ticket for this.

  • Having trouble with your FACEIT Anti-Cheat? Visit HERE.
  • If you have payment issues, you can contact FACEIT directly HERE.
  • Want to learn more about FACEIT Levels? Visit HERE.
  • Visit our full support knowledge base at http://support.souzernlions.com
  • Join our discord at http://discord.playsl.gg (type .iam CSGO in the #roles channel to join all CS:GO related channels).